Lado Kvataniya, an ethnic Georgian, was born on June 22, 1987. He pursued a theater education and completed his studies at GITIS. During his time as a student, he discovered the works of Fellini and Tarkovsky, which ultimately led him to pursue a career in filmmaking. He began creating his own short films based on his scripts.

Lado completed John Truby's intensive screenplay and Paul Brown's scenic courses. He continues to engage in self-development by shooting short films and music videos.

As a storyteller, Lado uses metaphors and images to convey his message. He prioritizes cinematography and creates original fantasy worlds that combine science fiction and realism.

He has collaborated with well-known brands like Reebok, Haval, Volkswagen, Google, Vogue, Beats by Dre, etc., and directed over 20 music videos. His works have been featured in festivals worldwide and have received numerous awards, including the Young Director Award at Cannes.

Lado's first full-length detective thriller, "The Execution," debuted at the Fantastic Film Festival (USA). The movie was shown in the official selection at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands) and received a special mention from the jury at the Sitges International Film (Spain) Festival, among others.